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Skin + Fashion

It;s one thing to be born into a race you didn't ask to be born into, It's another thing to be defined by your race. Life is a journey. Some are happy, some are sad while some find ways to be happy, Some just won't get it. Everyone can find happiness only if they truly try their hardest. 

When a person is born, He/She has no idea what race they are, if they are wealthy or poor. You only begin to understand as you grow. Some take it well while others get lost, Some even create and brand who they actually want to be. In other words, You shape your destiny despite your skin color.

Nobody ever said that the journey of life is easy, People may never accept you at first glace, Some may wave you off based on your skin color. Some simply based on your appearance. 

Your Skin and Fashion play a very important role in your daily life and journey. Its quite unfortunate but this is so true. It's more or so like applying for a job. The cover you present and packaging of you goes a long way to help you become a considered candidate for that job. Gone are those days when people wait for manner to fall from heaven. This days, people go out there and get things for themselves especially since our so called digital age. 

When you present yourself well, You can grab an audience to yourself.

Skin + Fashion

Your Skin does not say who you are, no matter what country you live in, In most countries around the world, people are thought to believe that, the lighter your skin is, the more beautiful a person is. This makes citizens of this countries who happen to have darker skin very insecure, many turn to bleaching their skin to be lighter as a way of feeling beautiful in their own skin. This is just ignorance. Make no mistake, The society we live in is terribly structured in such a way in that those considered to be people of color most times have to work twice harder to archive same goals as others. This shouldn't be a death sentence rather, it should be seen as a challenge to be better. I have never heard anyone say that hard work never paid off. You may fail the first few times but you just have to keep on trying. 

      Your skin should never be an obstacle to what you hope to achieve in life. Let your skin be a compliment of the greatness in you. Brand your skin along with your fashion. Dress to impress. Look the way you want to be addressed. 

Be prepared at all times, as you never know when opportunity will come knocking. Never for a second think that anyone is better than you. You are the best of you that God created. Go around the world, you will find that you are only one uniquely imperfectly made you as only God is perfect. When God created you, he perfectly thought of you to be special and made sure that their is no one else on this earth that can be you!!! Take a moment ......Think of it......this only means that you are special in your own way.... 

Anything worth dreaming is totally worth trying as long as it's a good dream. Change from doing things that only make people look down on you, never try too much to fit into anyone's life. Accept yourself the way you are, Show yourself love and care. Dress to impress at all times as it helps with the respect you get daily. A woman who wears next to nothing will most likely attract a man quickly only for a temporary good time, but a woman who covers up and leaves everything to the imagination of men will most likely and will attract a keeper, a man who wants a wife material. A man who wants a better job offer as in a promotion in his place of work, must dress as someone seeking a promotion and putting in his efforts so as to be noticed. Your skin shouldn't matter regardless of your race. Look good even if you have nothing, make the little you have count and dress the way you truly desire to be addressed. Work hard and focus on your goals and dreams. Nkerucouture.com is the perfect spot for finding the best things to wear, as it's wears are all classy and fashionable and suitable for all occasions. 



We are all equal

Having read the blog above, I'm sure you are now ready to face the world. Focus and be secure in your skin. No one is better than the other. We are all just people, cleanup where you are slacking, be secure in your own skin and follow your goals and dreams. Remember that people will always judge the book by the cover so you should dress the way you wish to be addressed. Package yourself well as though you are a gift that must be accepted with a smile. Make sure your fashion is on point. Be the greatest in all you do. Remember, their is only one of you made by God Almighty. Stay blessed.


Dr. Memory Alexandra

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