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The Quickest Way To Love Him

When you truly love a man, You must show it to him. They say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach.. But do you know the best and quickest way to earn his trust and loyalty?....

When are created different. Naturally all men are born to be in charge. We're all leaders so don't get me wrong. So many may never discover their leading potentials but when it comes to human nature, Men are naturally born this way. Even a 2 years old baby boy will naturally want to protect his 6 months old younger sibling... lol but it is so true, not saying that girls don't do the same..

Hear is my point here, Men will naturally want to be the provider as they are told while growing up that they should be. 


While some men would not want to try and some work so hard to provide and prove that they are the men. No man wants to be trampled upon both the lazy and the hard working man.

If you truly want that man to adore and cherish you like you deserve, Show him that you love him but don't show him too much because some men tend to lose interest when a woman is showing too much affection.


Speak boldly with your actions!!!!!

The quickest way to show him you love him even if he is rich or poor is nothing more or less than respect. A man will love and cherish a woman who truly naturally respects him. Even if their are things you want him to change.

Approach him with love and respect, if he fails to recognize it and correct things, back away a little bit but still showing him the same respect. If he is truly your man, He will change it with time. 

This is why so many will see a man who loves and cherishes his woman so much and is faithful to her and they say " What did she give to him"? 

Well you don't know their story and how they got there. 

Love your man right, respect and cherish him faithfully, if he belongs to you, he will reciprocate the same gesture and if not, don't be afraid to let it go. Everyone deserves love, cherishment, loyalty and faithfulness... Stay in love everyone it is such a beautiful thing. Stay away from hurt, pain and abuse. You deserve nothing but the best.... :)


Author: Memory Alexandra

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